by NurseOnDuty

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Written and Recorded over the period of the general election 2015


released August 12, 2015

Kat: Vocals, Kaoss Manipulations
Ad: Guitars, Bass, Noize, Samples, Beats, synths

Recorded, mixed, mastered and Produced by Ad in the SonicFoundry NurseOnDuty's home studio

100% D.I.Y
hasta la victoria siempre



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


NurseOnDuty UK

NurseOnDuty is the long standing Anarcho Noise Pop project, from Ad and Kat from the Norwich "RiotGaze" band SugarMouse.

NurseOnDuty has taken on many forms, it constantly evolves and morphs and will continue to do so...

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Track Name: MediaStudies
Illuminati. Paparazzi.
Rupert Murdoch's cult patriarchy.
News International, for example,
Corporate greed and human need
Ain't compatible.
Oil dollars. Power follows.
Money spent on blood,
Instead of the people.
No compassion. How did this happen?
The masses need to take some direct action!

Why do we have to play the part?
You said we would tear the system apart
You said that you cannot work it out,
Stays the same but it keeps on changing.
Why can't we just let it all go?
Past is done, there is nowhere to go.
No point in living back there
Move to the future, somewhere.

TV camera. Propaganda.
Mainstream media has a hidden agenda.
Thought controlling. Brain washing.
Mind numbing the citizens without them knowing
Third Eye. Bone dry.
Collective conscience is switched to standby.
Begs to question, is this oppression?
Are cuts to services down to the recession?
Track Name: JointThreatResearchIntelligenceGroup
Global social media,
Will cause the desolation of the social stage.
As we move into the era,
Of a singular global cage.
We are left with no social camouflage,
When multiple roles become one,
Public and private, no different
Identity no longer anon.

I walk on on on
I walk on
I can guess until it's gone. Until it's gone.
And I can't take it because wrong wrong wrong
Because it's wrong.
And I will just walk on on on. I walk on and

Constantly expected to communicate,
Lose sanity over our smartphones.
Plugged in twenty four seven,
Kids now just stay at home.
Tuned into the world through the Internet
An artificial safety zone.
Public and private no different.
Identity no longer anon.
Track Name: ASenseOfUncertainty.....
A sense of uncertainty and fear about the future,
We as might as well give up.
Capital accumulation
will cause the system to self destruct.
The reality of capitalism is a small amount of people with all of the wealth
The chosen ones above us all
Want us to tighten our belts.

I hear you
Oh and then I fear you
I can give you nothing
Baby this is something
Come here let me show you
All the things that we do
I can't give you nothing
Baby this something
But baby I've got to go

Industrial action we will push
To affect political change
Pacifist philosophies
Employed to lead us believe
Aren't these really what we need?
Take out the brutal measures
Against our protesters
These freedom fighters need help
With knowledge to empower
Information warfare
Can be louder than when we shout.
Track Name: SmokeAndMirrors
Think you got it wrong, but I don't hear what you saying.

I see you move your mouth but the words don't come out.

Might have got this wrong but I don't like what your playing.

We fall down on the ground,

On the ground.

On the ground.

Saint George was Syrian, and we are all the same.

Screw Farage's division, his politics of pain.

No nations! No borders! The world belongs to all.

We got to learn to get along before we all fall.

So can we condemn workers for expressing their concerns?

After all, there comes a time that Liberty is left to burn.

Our NHS needs fighting for, it's slowly being dissolved.

Out to tender for private gain

Some big fat cats pay check!

Smoke and Mirrors!

There's clearly no winners.

Austerity continues,

After five years,

Where will we be?